Post Tumour Humour (2013)


On the 17th July 2012 [a week after our family lost our Mum] I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumour weighing in at 2.2kg at 200mm diameter and the kidney it had grown on. This was while I was being treated for blood clots in my lungs. Apart from being uncomfortable, expensive and unpleasant, it was also really, really scary.

I had to spend 3 months off work while I recovered and I do not deal with boredom very well. How to turn a seeming disadvantage into an advantage? Make a ‘concept album’ of the journey and the experiences.

During this time I had met and worked with so many fabulous nurses, doctors, orderlies and even cleaners that I could not let this pass. My experience at St. John of God hospital Murdoch was terrific considering what I was there for. What a joy to work with people that care about what they do, and are really good at it, when they have your life in their hands.

The cancer spread to my liver and a year later, after being told there was nothing that could be done, I had to travel to Melbourne to have it all removed. After a mammoth procedure they tell me I’m all clear now.

This album is not really story about a battle, rather some of the experiences I had while I experienced amazing support. I hope that maybe the stories will resonate with others that have experienced similar things. Maybe it will offer some hope, as I feel that I have been very fortunate.

‘Get busy living or get busy living dying’
Andy DuFrame from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’

The album is available from, CD baby, Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

All proceeds from the launch and sales of this album will go to:

West Australian Urologic Research Organisation [WAURO] and the Pancreatic, Liver, Biliary and Foregut Cancer Awareness Research and Education [PANCARE] Foundation.