Luminous - The Three Sided Album July 5, 2017 20:12

From Perth Western Australia, an ensemble of players: Errol H Tout [guitars, guitar synth and lap steel], with Mike Gorman [6 and 12 string guitars] and Eliot McCann [Stick bass] to create a new album of innovative, interesting and fun instrumental acoustic and electric guitar music. Neil Trainor [guitar] and Sam Tout [keyboards] also appear on the album.

Is ‘Luminous’ the band or the album?  Why is it called a ‘three sided album’? There are three albums in one, the Acoustic album, the Luminous album and the Atmospheric album. Culled from an original 42 pieces to18, we thought perhaps listening to this album in one sitting may be too much for some listeners. So we made it three. In concert the team perform most of the pieces live.

Mike has performed and recorded with “The Leagues of Crafty Guitarists”, “Toyah Wilcox”, and “Second Sufis” in New York. Both Mike and Errol have attended Guitar Craft courses in the USA as well as in Europe and New Zealand.

Errol has recorded and performed with “The Weeping Sores”, “The Body Corporate”, “The Beautiful Losers”, “The Less Said the Better”, “Mudancolab”, “Trains of Thought”, “Alea Ensemble”, “New Young Choreographer”, “Alea Ensemble”, “The Nova Ensemble”, “The Global Nomads”, “The Nova Ensemble”, “The Real World Trio”, “Graham Greene and the Willing Sinners”, “Nine Over Two”, “Balanescu Quartet” - “Utopia” by Cathie Travers.

Eliot has extensive professional experience and currently performs with with Magnolia Jones where he is credited with playing “bass, Stick, vocals, delusions of grandeur.”